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Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is located within the city limits of Edwardsville and makes the community "A college town!".

SIUE campusConsidered a major university in the Illinois system, it brings a broad range of undergraduate and graduate instruction, opportunity for involvement by students and citizens, and a great deal of service and entertainment to Southwestern Illinois. Intended originally as a commuter campus, more housing is being added for students, tucked away in a wooded landscape and nearly invisible to visitors.

The setting makes this university visually special. With the core centered on 2600 acres of beautifully rolling countryside, fringed with lots of woods, it has an uncommon park-like appearance that makes it a prominent and very beautiful amenity to the whole community. is the official web site of Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville.

There are lots of SIUE photos in our Photo Gallery on this web site.  Go to “Edwardsville”, then “SIUE”.

A recent statement by Chancellor Vaughn Vandegrift:  "SIUE is a dynamic, vibrant, academic community dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for our region. As a public institution, we take our roles and responsibilities very seriously. As a state-assisted university, we work to expand the labor force, tax base, and economy."

siue from airThis is also a “College Town” that supports and appreciates the University, (where we include Glen Carbon alongside Edwardsville.)  This greater “Town” provided incredible support to the budding institution at its inception forty years ago which enthusiasm continues until this day.  It made an already great town….an historic county seat on beautiful topography…into a stunning “College Town”, giving it a flavor that few communities experience. 

Edwardsville Township (containing both Edwardsville and Glen Carbon and a common highly-respected school district,) now has the highest educational levels, the highest average income levels and highest average home values of any community in downstate Illinois.  

Economic Impact

newspaper This is an overview of a release from the university, widely published in May of 2006, a study which shows the far-reaching economic impact of SIUE on Southwestern Illinois and the St. Louis Metropolitan Area.

This study was presented by R. W. Hafer, John B. Meisel and Timothy S. Sullivan, all members of the SIUE Economics and Finance faculty – all based on 2005 statistics:



  • The total estimated impact of SIUE during 2005 is more than $356 million.

  • SIUE's expenditures in the region of $290 million during FY05 

  • For every state tax dollar spent on SIUE, the university generated $5 in local and regional economy. 

  • SIUE, households of SIUE, and visitors spent more than $178 million in southwestern Illinois and throughout the metropolitan area during FY05.

  • Visitors coming to campus spent more than $27 million in FY05. More than 100,000 visitors attended SIUE sporting events, admissions events, conferences, and entertainment events during the same time period, which also resulted in creation of more than 600 additional jobs in the area.

  • Some 8,600 SIUE students would not be in the area if it were not for the university;

  • More than 4,000 full-time jobs can be attributed to SIUE's presence; 

  • SIUE generated nearly $19 million in state and local tax revenues;

  • More than 50 percent of SIUE graduates stay in the area;

  • More than 37,000 SIUE alumni live in the region; 

  • More than 12,000 alums hold advance degrees.

Michael Pierceall, executive director of The Alliance, said as the study was released: “SIUE is a tremendous asset not only to the community, but to the entire metropolitan area and region. Many of the businesses that locate in our community note the presence of the university as one of the compelling factors leading to their investment decision,"

Our Support of Staff:

siue studentsWe’re proud of our support of the SIUE staff as they settle into new roles at SIUE.  We’ve handled many wonderful families making this transition during our 16 years of existence.
We also understand that this web site has served hundreds, in delivering appropriate trustworthy information before and after transitioning to SIUE.   We’re pleased that they found it useful…and continue to do so.  Of course it’s always a “work in progress”.  We would even appreciate your suggestions for improvement.

For those contemplating a staff position here, we invite the open use of our resources, especially this web site.  But don’t hesitate to ask for more support such as our relocation package…our in-house tracking system for new listings…maps of all kinds…and consultation in anticipation of a move. 

To those within the university responsible for the support of staff, we have “Best Foot Forward” relocation support in place, where we attempt to portray the community in its most appropriate and positive light, and encourage southwest Illinois as a great setting for the “Good Life”.

siueWe’ll help make sure they know about these wonderful communities and the availability of appropriate homes for their special families.

We’ll openly deliver lots of information through this web site and otherwise, provide free access to the local MLS as is offered here, and generally be available to convert concerns and anxieties into control, comfort and convenience, helping to make their “Next Chapter” here all that it can be.  

We could also provide references if any would like to have them…usually college-specific.

And maybe we could ask for your help?  We intend to add two elements to this site that we think could be of interest….first, appropriate links to more information, and photographs, especially historic, probably for the Photo Gallery.  If any reader would like to submit either, please let us know.  We would very much appreciate it, and give appropriate credits.

For that, or any concern or suggestion, call Debbie Carroll, our Relocation Director, or Paul or Merrill Ottwein, brokers….that’s, or, or; or 656-5588, 800-231-5588.





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